Development Source For x4412/CORE4412/iBOX board


In the DVD attached the board, we provide the follow development source:

  • Datasheet: Chips datasheet, LCD datasheet
  • HardWare Source
    • iBOX Mini PC(Schematic, PCB Package library)
    • x4412 base board(Schematic, PCB Package library, PCB File, PCB Size)
    • CORE4412 CPU Board(Schematic, PCB Package library)
    • 7 Inch LCD(Schematic, PCB Package library)
  • Software Source
    • U-boot(Source code, image file), for Linux, Android 4.0/Android 4.4, Ubuntu
    • Kernel(Source code, image file), for Linux, Android 4.0/Android 4.4, Ubuntu
    • Rootfs(Source code, image file), for Qt4.8, Android 4.0/Android 4.4, Ubuntu
  • User Manual
    • iBOX Hareware user manual
    • iBOX arduino user manual
    • x4412/CORE4412 Hardware User Manual
    • Android User manual/Android Development Manual
    • Linux User Development Manual
    • Ubuntu system User manual

Online Download Source

Will released later...

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