Update News for Tiny210/Smart210/Mini210S

2014-01-03 update:

. 1 Linux software updates:

  •  Upgrade Qt version Qt/E-4.8.5, support rotation function (need to set environment variables, see the manual sample)
  •  increase Qt/E-4.8.5 of WebKit web browser Arora, powerful, modern rendering normal Web content based on
  •  increased integration python, scripting support, access to hardware and c library, ideal for networking applications development (containing a buzzer operation example, located in the / opt / python / pwm.py)
  • increase the integration of ssh, can be used to remotely access and manage devices, file transfer, etc., is very suitable for remote debugging development and management (login user name root, the default password fa)

2. increase support for the new 4.3 "LCD accessories P43, supports Linux, WinCE, Android and other systems

3. Increase support for the new 3.5 "LCD accessories P35, supports Linux, WinCE, Android and other systems

4 adds support 12.1 "LCD accessories A121, support Linux system

Doanload Address

2013-09-11 update:

1 Support the USB camera, the camera is Logitech C270, resolution adjustment , the program provides for the development of open-source reference DEMO , DEMO program supports preview and photos

2 Support the capacitive screen In linux system ;

Download Address:

A Disk: http://kuai.xunlei.com/d/rqpvCQKXawAqbjRS45d

B Disk: http://kuai.xunlei.com/d/rqpvCQKfawBmbjRS0a2

2013-03-27 update:

1.Fix Android4 Ethernet using a static IP settings instability
2 Fixed the memory leak problem in Android4 for the libfriendlyarm-hardware.so library.
3 Support Ethernet Mac Address Configure in Android 4
4. Provide the SLC and MLC image, capacitive screen configuration defaults ctp = 2
5. MiniTools for Linux version  released , to support more Linux distributions ( recommended Fedora14/Fedora15)

2013-02-21 update:

1 Fix Android user manual instructions for the Android 4.0 interface screenshots
2 provide the Debian system for 210 ( for reference only provide network download )

Download address:

Baidupan: http://pan.baidu.com/share/link?shareid=356049&uk=959766272

2013-02-04 update

1 Android4 update :
- With a built (Build-in) supports Ethernet way to resolve the application does not recognize the problem of Ethernet , WiFi with the same network compatibility ;
- Added support for USB Bluetooth , Bluetooth file transfer ;
- Increased support for Root privileges , if not needed , you can modify genrootfs.sh, do not unpack ics4_root_patch.tgz;
- Integration of Google applications, including Play Store, Google Talk , etc., using 256M Flash users may be insufficient space , you can modify genrootfs.sh, do not unzip gapps-ics-20120429.tgz;
- fixes the CMOS camera bug
- Updated the 7-inch capacitive screen driver , set the parameter to "ctp = 2"

2 Linux Update :
- fixes CMOS camera unusable bug .
- USB and CMOS camera on a 7-inch screen preview window , and the use of JPEG hardware solution to improve image performance ;
- Increased support under Linux Logitech C270, C100, C200 , etc. USB camera ;
- Improve the Linux WiFi
- Updated the 7-inch capacitive screen driver , set the parameter to "ctp = 2"

3 Windows CE update :
- WinCE increase support for 4.3-inch capacitive screen ;
- Fixed a system of suspended animation BUG USB HUB driver caused ;

4 Superboot update :
- MiniTools quick start to fail in the NAND no programming Superboot;
- Fixed W101 LCD screen display abnormal BUG;

5 Use the network to download " Baidu cloud"

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