Mini2451 Single board Feature

The Mini2451 has 4 UARTS so there are now 4 UART headers and the 5th white header is the OEM power supply same as the Mini2440. Notice also that the big 3-pin regulator packages are gone. Instead there are 5 very small efficient  DC/DC converters spread around the board to be closest to where they are needed. They supply the 3.3 and 1.8 volts and derive it from the main 5V input. There is also no voltage selection jumper for the LCD connector. The rest of the headers match up to the Mini2440 where possible. The connectors and SD socket are all in the same place. The Mini2451 USB Device is the more modern MiniUSB style and is the same place as the USB Device on the Mini2440.

In the few years since the Mini2440 was introduced, the change in manufacturing is striking. Notice how parts have shrunk, the smaller size of discrete components and the big increase in the number of discretes that can fit. These allow pull-ups, pull-downs, biasing, line drivers, impedence matching, and all kinds of good things. Notice also the round gold spots. These are for "bed of nails" test fixtures or things like JTAG to program NAND in a fixture without connecting cables.

The Mini2451 has a Superboot bootloader version to program NAND from an SD card. This is great for production since PC's are not needed for programing and you can do a bunch of boards at a time.

Mini2451 board Features

CPU processor

  • Samsung S3C2451úČARM926EJ, 400MHz


  • RAM: 128MB DDR RAM, 32bit data bus
  • Flash: 256MB Nand FLash(Optional 1GB NandFlash)


  • LCD Interface: 41-pin (1.0 mm) connector for FriendlyARM Displays (three sizes available; see below)


  • Ethernet: RJ45 10/100M (DM9000)

Standared interface

  • A five-wire serial Port in DB9 interface, RS232 level(another four TTL level serial)
  • A mini USB Slave-OTG 2.0 Interface
  • Audio output(3.5mm stereo interface), One MIC input on board
  • One USB Host 2.0 Interface
  • One standard SD card slot
  • 5V DC voltage input

On board resource

  • One I2C-EEPROM chip (256byte), mainly used for testing the I2C bus
  • 4 user LED (green)
  • 4 user buttons (interrupt gpio)
  • An adjustable resistance for ADC conversion test
  • A PWM control buzzer
  • Onboard real-time clock backup battery


  • 4 Serial Block (TTL level, 2.0mm pitch, Inline deck)
  • 10pin 2.0mm pitch JTAG interface
  • LCD interface (41pin mini seat, compatible mini2440 LCD interfaces, and 40pin 2.0mm Double Cab)
  • 20pin 2.0mm pitch SDIO interface (which can be accessed SD WiFi, which also contains a road SPI and I2C interface)
  • 20pin 2.0mm pitch CMOS camera interface
  • 30pin 2.0mm pitch GPIO interface


  • Size: 110 x 110(mm)

Software support

  • Superboot-2451
  • Linux-3.6 + Qtopia2/QtE-4.8.5
  • WindowsCE.NET 6.0
  • Single program
  • ucOS

Linux System Feature

The most complete Linux system, support Qt2 / 4 graphics system freely switch
Compile Tools arm-linux-gcc-4.4.3 Hardware floating point support
  • Support Update system by SD Card
  • Support Update system by USB
Not open source
Linux Kernel
  • Verison: Linux-3.6
  • Support YAFFS2/CRAMFS/NFS/UBIFS/FAT32 format
  • Watchdog Support
  • RTC Support
  • 4 x LED driver Support
  • 4 x User Key Support
  • SPI support(Provide by Samsung)
  • I2C-EEPROM support
  • Buzzer control by PWM
  • ADC driver
  • Touchscreen driver
  • LCD backlight Control
  • LCD driver(3.5, 4.3, 5, 7, 8, 10 Inch)
  • USB Host(Support USB Disk, Bluetooth)
  • SD Card Driver
  • 4 x serial port Driver
  • SD WiFi driver
  • USB WiFi driver
  • Audio driver(WM8960: Support Reocrd and play, ALSA signal)
  • Ethernet(DM9000AEP)
  • CMOS Camera Driver(OV8650)
  • 2D acceleration
  • USB To serial Port
  • 3G Driver

Provide the source code

For the Red word, will support later

Graphics System
  • Qtopia-2.2.0
  • QT/Embedd-4.8.5
Provide source code
Test Demo
  • 3G Dial Up program(Support WCDMA, CDMA2000)
  • GPRS SMS(Support Send SMS by GPRS Modem)
  • ADC Test(Display the ADC result)
  • LED Test
  • Button Test
  • I2C Test(Read/Write the EEPROM)
  • LCD Test
  • Ping Test
  • USB Camera test(Capture the picture)
  • CMOS Camera Test(Capture the picture)
  • Record(ALSA API)
  • Web Browse
  • Watch Dog test
  • Ethernet configure
  • Backlight Congfigure
  • Language
Not provide source code

WinCE 6.0 Feature

Mini2451/Tiny2451 Use the 128MB DDR2, quickly then 2440
Compile Tools Visual Studio 2005  
  • Support Update system by SD Card
  • Support Update system by USB
Not open source
  • Verison: Windows CE 6.0
  • Serial Port(Support connect to the GPRS Modem and RS485 serial)
  • RTC driver
  • Watchdog driver
  • Nand Flash Driver
  • LCD driver(3.5", 4.3", 5", 7", 8", 10.1" LCD)
  • Touchsreen driver
  • Backlight driver
  • Ethernet Driver(DM9000AEP)
  • Audio driver(WM8960)
  • SD card driver(up to 32G)
  • USB Host: Support USB Disk, USB Mouse/KEY
  • USB Device Driver: usb sync
  • LED driver,Key driver,PWM driver
  • ADC driver,SPI driver,I2C driver
  • Support the registry saved
  • Application auto boot configure
  • Support boot progress bar indicates
  • System Install/Update by SD Card
Test Demo
  • LED-Test: LED Demo
  • Buttons Demo
  • ADC test demo
  • Watchdog test demo
  • Backlight demo
  • PWM-Buzzer demo
  • Serial port demo
  • AutoRUN setting Demo
  • iMac demo: set the MAC address for the board

No-OS Application

  • Development Environment:Fedora 15 + Eclipse + MiniTools + arm-linux-gcc 4.4.3
  • Demo: LED, icach, Key, Init, USRT, Boot, SRAM, buzzer, INIT, PWM, Watchdog, RTC, LCD, ADC

uCos2 system Feature

Developmnet Environment RVDS 4.0 + MiniTools  
  • Support Update system by SD Card
  • Support Update system by USB
Not open source
  • Support multi-tasking, provide the source code
  • Support LED driver, provide the source code
  • Supports serial driver, provide the source code
  • LCD driver support, provide the source code
  • Support RTC driver source code
  • Support buzzer driver source code
  • Support key driver source code
  • Touch support line drive: is limited to read raw physical data, because there is no GUI system to provide the source code
  • LCD driver support: supports communication line LCD automatic identification (P43, N43, H43, S70, W50, etc.), provide the source code
  • Applicable to a friendly arm Mini2451, Tiny2451, Tiny2416 other development board platform
open source

How to Order

Item Description
Order Info Price(USD) Order It!
Mini2451 Single Board
  • Mini2451 Single Board
  • 5V/2A Power Adapter, Serial Cable, USB Cable, net cable
  • LCD support(Optional)
  • one DVD for android and linux source code
Mini2451 Single Board $69
Mini2451 + 3.5 in. resistive Screen $88
Mini2451 + 4.3 in. resistive Screen $99
Mini2451 + 7 in. resistive Screen $120
Mini2451 + 8 in. resistive Screen $180
Mini2451 + 10.1 in. resistive Screen $245


GPRS Module

4G SD card
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