Update News for Tiny2451 and Mini2451

2013-12-07 Update (for Tiny2451, Tiny2416, Mini2451)

1 ) combined on the same platform as a user's manual in order to manage updates , in this case 2451 and 2416 ( due to both the same CPU ID, it is considered the same platform )
2 ) increase Tiny2416 core board and described with reference to the floor
3 ) increase Mini2451 bare metal development guidelines ( Linux-based development environment ) , crafted by the friendly and development engineers , to provide detailed documentation and sample source code reference for the study . Bare metal Examples include : LED, buttons, clocks, serial, memory , MMC starts , NandFlash, buzzer , interrupts, timers, watchdog , RTC, LCD, ADC conversion.
Offer a complete explanation of the code and principles .
4 ) increase uCos2 real-time operating system source code and programming documents, based RVDS4.0 development IDE environment , has the following features:
- Support multi-tasking
- Support LED, Serial , LCD, RTC, buzzer, clock , MMU, buttons, timers, and other front-line backlit touch and drive
- Touch support line , you can obtain the original data , because there is no GUI system, so no calibration
- Support line communication LCD automatic identification (P43, H43, N43, S70, W50 , etc. )
- Suitable for a friendly arm Mini2451, Tiny2451, Tiny2416 other development board platform
5 ) increasing the rotation Qt/E-4.8.5 (the need to set environment variables, see the manual sample )
6 ) increase Qt/E-4.8.5 of WebKit web browser Arora, powerful, modern rendering normal Web content based on

Download the New DVD

From the Baidu Pan: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1rd7i2

2013-11-29 update:

1 ) increasing the A70 driver ( including source code ) : Includes WindowsCE 6.0 and Linux.
2 ) improve the Linux system upgrades, including :
- Increase the support for USB 3G card that supports hundreds of species on the 3G network card, as is currently the most widely used Huawei E261 etc.
- Added support for USB camera , the preferred Logitech 720p HD Webcam C270, other UVC camera self test .
- Increase through UI optimized Smplayer player, core using mplayer, supports up format !
- Added support for Mini USB WiFi wireless network card ( chip -based RT8192CU )

Other updates :
1 ) to provide a complete package Qt4 ARM version , containing qmake and other tools to develop ARM version of Qt4 program does not need their own cross-compiling Qt4 libraries ;
2 ) Upgrade MiniTools to v1.7a, fix some minor problems ;

2013-11-20 update:

Published WindowsCE 6.0 BSP, providing improved WindowsCE 6.0 BSP, the main features are as follows :

- Improve the serial driver : Support 4 serial ports , you can specify UART0 as defined by simply modifying the header file options.h DEBUG output or ordinary serial port function
- LED Drivers : 4
- Key drivers : 4
- ADC Driver : Supports 12-bit precision ADC conversion
- USB Host Driver : supports USB keyboard, mouse , USB flash drives and other peripherals
- USB Device Driver : USB 2.0 support synchronous communications , and other systems to support WindowsXP/Vista/7/8
- RTC driver: Support
- Watchdog driver: Support
- LCD driver : TFT LCD supports 3.5 " , 4.3 ", 5 ", 7" , 8 ", 10.1 ", 12 "and display a variety of sizes and resolutions , can automatically identify the line protocol
- Touch screen driver : Support touch line , more precise and stable drive , providing front-line touch microcontroller firmware
- Backlight driver : support backlight 128 backlight adjustment , you can set the backlight off time , and wake-up via buttons, touch screen, keyboard , mouse, etc.
- NIC driver : Ethernet card driver supports DM9000AEP
- MAC address and IP address : support user-defined MAC address and a static IP address or DHCP settings
- Audio driver: Support WM8900 audio output
- SD Memory : support large -capacity SD memory cards up to 32G
- NAND driver: Support 256M/512M/1G SLC NAND flash memory, supports power down to save data ( only "NAND Flash" directory )
- Support the registry saved
- Boot process to run automatically : Supports user-specified program to run automatically boot , boot very easy business to set user-specific functions of the program
- Boot Logo: support SD card offline update boot Logo, or download the update via USB, boot Logo for ordinary bmp format file
- To support the boot progress bar indicates
- System Install or Update : Support SD card offline update Nk.bin system ROM, or via USB to download the update system to support multi-platform USB drive , a key operation , easy to use !

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