Update News for Mini6410

2013-12-27 Update (for Tiny6410, Mini6410)

1.Add the Tiny6410 Standard Edition, the board with 3G renamed the enhanced version .

2 Linux software updates:
    1 ) Upgrade Qt version Qt/E-4.8.5, support rotation function ( need to set environment variables, see the manual sample )
    2 ) increase Qt/E-4.8.5 of WebKit web browser Arora, powerful, modern rendering normal Web content based on
    3 ) increased integration python, scripting support , access to hardware and c library , ideal for networking applications development ( containing a buzzer operation example , located in the /opt/python/pwm.py)
    4 ) increase the integration of ssh, can be used to remotely access and manage devices , file transfer , etc., is very suitable for remote debugging development and management (login user name root, the default password fa)

3 Add a new 4.3 "LCD accessories P43, supports Linux, WinCE, Android and other systems

4 adds support audio chip WM8960, supports Linux, WinCE, Android and other systems

5 . Increase Mini6410 No-OS development guidelines ( based on the Linux development environment ) , developed by the friendly and engineers elaborate, provide detailed documentation and sample source code reference for the study . Bare metal Examples include : LED, buttons, clocks, serial, memory , MMC starts , NandFlash, buzzer , interrupts, timers, watchdog , RTC, LCD, ADC conversion. Offer a complete explanation of the code and principles .

So far , Tiny2451, Tiny2416, Tiny6410 and Tiny210 uniform standard version can be shared backplane reference developed , the user can according to their performance needs product / project , the freedom to choose ARM9, ARM11 or Cortex-A8 platform :
- Development or learning just replace a core board, no need to repeat the entire platform to buy
- Product upgrade or replace only reduce costs but also the core board , without having to redesign the floor , very convenient and fast product delivery market

Download it from follow website:

2012-08-14 updated as follows:

The superboot will automatically identify the LCD model.All system use one system image(zImage or Nk.bin)

Change the LCD for the mini6410, don't need to update the system, only do it as follow:

a) Run the iTest and click the recalibration ;
b) power down, replace the LCD;
c) power on the start screen will enter the calibration ;

Download Address from web:
Disk A: http://126.am/qbWry4
Disk B: http://126.am/jkjlm2

2012-05-19 updated as follows:

All OS:
MLC2 Nand Flash drive optimized performance .

Linux systems :
1 ) Add the minimum system Linux , only 10M, for the express installation and testing, support Qt2, testable Buttons, LEDs, ADC, Beeper, Audio, Ethernet, USB Host, LCD, Touch Screen and so on.
2) Linux WiFi AP functionality increases , the development board can be configured as WiFi hotspots , provides a graphical interface to configure the program , you can also modify the configuration file to configure , easy to project development .
3 ) Added support for mini wireless card RTL8192CU .

Android System:
1) Android increased boot automatically enabled Ethernet, DHCP boot automatically get IP.
2) Android never sleep increases configuration options .
3) libfriendlyarm-hardware.so Android under increased interface can read multiple channels of ADC .
4) CMOS camera can be set to modify init.rc preview resolution passed.
5 ) Added support for mini wireless card RTL8192CU .

WinCE system :
WinCE BSP integrates DLL ™ 150A large screen display touch screen driver interface is VGA and USB, with a resolution of 1024x768.

2011-11-16 updated as follows:

1 ) Open USB 3G dial developed interfaces to facilitate integration of 3G dialing in your project , while supporting Linux and Android platforms , we also provide the developer documentation and sample source code.
2) Linux will be the same with Android , support USB 3G boot automatically dialing, USB 3G card and can be used to send and receive text messages.
3 ) update package that also integrates the latest version of superboot, pick a card to solve the problem .

2011-10-22 updated as follows:

Adds a number of thematic development documentation, including hardware solutions playback , JPEG hardware codec , video codec hardware , but also adds a number of sample source code, including advertising and Qt4 players example under Linux , and also increased under WINCE sample code multiple hardware access to user-friendly learning. . .

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