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If you buy the board from us, and you want to download the new source code and images, please send mail to us(support@armdevs.com) to get the download website.

2014-01-17 update:

Add a description Super4412 new core board, Super4412 core board configuration 2G dual channel DDR3 memory, with the Exynos 4412 quad nuclear power, the strong overall performance. 

You can download it by the follow method:
 1. baidupan   http://pan.baidu.com/s/1kT3D3D1

2014-01-14  update:

Tiny4412ADK enhanced version of the floor has been updated to make it more suitable for mobile Internet-related R & D: 
Added the following interfaces: 
1) Mini PCIe: the market can be used to connect most 3G modules, such as ZTE, Huawei, Long Shang and other brands, we now have developed ZTE MF210 driver in Android4, it is recommended to use the module for project development, other types of own integrated 3G module requires appropriate drivers. 
2) increase the RS485 interface.

2013-12-27 update:

1 Linux software updates:
     1) Upgrade Qt version Qt/E-4.8.5, support rotation function (need to set environment variables, see the manual sample)
     2) increase Qt/E-4.8.5 of WebKit web browser Arora, powerful, modern rendering normal Web content based on
     3) increased integration python, scripting support, access to hardware and c library, ideal for networking applications development (containing a buzzer operation example, located in the / opt / python / pwm.py)
     4) increase the integration of ssh, can be used to remotely access and manage devices, file transfer, etc., is very suitable for remote debugging development and management (login user name root, the default password fa)

2.Android software updates: Ethernet interface is set to increase, support setting a static IP address or DHCP dynamic IP address.

You can download it by the follow method:
 1. baidupan  http://pan.baidu.com/s/1gdIEk7L

2013-12-03 update:

1 ) Improve the Linux system upgrade includes :
     - Increase the support for USB 3G card that supports hundreds of species on the 3G network card, as is currently the most widely used Huawei E261 etc.
     - Added support for USB camera , the preferred Logitech 720p HD Webcam C270, other UVC camera self test .
     - Increase through UI optimized Smplayer player, core using mplayer, supports up format !
     - Added support for Mini USB WiFi wireless network card ( chip -based RT8192CU )
2 ) The original Standard Edition floor was renamed " enhanced version " of the original Lite floor was renamed " Standard Edition ."
3) Android 4.2.2 update as follows :
    - Increase the SD card reader test program, and a program to increase Android4.2 SD card reader under way in the user manual.
    - Fixed serial device does not read and write permissions problem .

You can download it by the follow method:
1. Xunlei website: http://kuai.xunlei.com/d/rqpvCQLbSgAp-Z1Sa58
2. Baidu Pans: http://pan.baidu.com/s/15pID7
3. Http Download:

2013-11-14 update:

1) Android 4.2.2 update as follows :
   - To solve the problem of the splash screen LCD ;
   - Increased resistance screen support (S70, w101 , etc. ) ;
   - Added support for interface Root privileges ;
   - Added support for data partition image programming , convenient factory-installed applications ;
   - Added support for HDMI LCD-Type parameter by specifying when programming in FriendlyARM.ini to change the resolution ;
2) Linux system is updated as follows:
  - Increased resistance screen support (S70, w101 , etc. ) ;
3) Superboot and MiniTools update support Android Data partition programming ;

2013-10-10 update:

1) Android upgrade to Android 4.2.2
2) to achieve the perfect system interface -by-point output HDMI 1080P
3) Added support for Linux systems , using the latest stable Linux-3.5 kernel , including three Qtopia2/Qtopia4/Qt 4.7 graphical interface, seamless switching

2013-09-11 update:

Added support for USB camera support UVC camera,
We recommend using the Logitech C270 webcam, up to 720P preview
In order to facilitate everyone to do secondary development , we provide an open source program DEMO , DEMO program supports preview and pictures,
Please refer to the user manual to use the camera on the USB section .

2013-8-13 Released the U-Boot Source code

Release the Uboot source code, for more details about the download and build

2013-8-13 Update Details

1) USB download tool-MiniTools increase support, a brief characteristics are as follows:
- No serial connection: MiniTools completely using the USB data without serial port, make your desktop more tidy.
- Truly a key programming: no input commands from the serial port, and then click the USB flash download, and through several steps to program the entire system more cumbersome; MiniTools truly a key programming, programming files can be radio, but also select all.
- Support 32/64-bit PC: MiniTools installer already includes 32/64-bit need to download drivers, take-all Windows platforms.
- Cross-platform: MiniTools using Qt4 development, can support a variety of Windows and Linux distributions.
- Supports all friendly arm development board: only one installation, support in the sale of all friendly arm 2440/6410/210/4412 development board USB programmer.
2) Android to increase Ethernet support, support for DHCP to automatically obtain an IP address, halfway pluggable network is also able to automatically re-connected network.

2013-8-6 Update Details

A) automatically when no operation of Android off-screen time default extended to three weeks;
2) increase the backlight adjustment function;
3) Added support for ZTE MF210 Unicom 3G module, support 3G dial-up boot automatically, supports short messaging;
4) increase the fully open source U-boot-Tiny4412;
5) increase Superboot-4412:
- Support through the script file and the startup parameters specified programming
- Support SD card offline quick programming
- LCD display supports programming schedule
- Support buzzer and LED status indication
- Support for file systems programmer EXT3/EXT4
6) optimize the HDMI output, the default output resolution of 720P, HD TV connection plug and play; fit HD700 (1280x720) with the best results can be perfectly synchronized with the LCD display;
7) increased Samsung original information for reference;
8) optimized GPU driver, 2D/3D 40% performance increase with HD700 high-definition screen, security Bunny ran up to 14,960 points, with the Galaxy S3 handset fluency quite.

2013-7-26 Update Details

- To achieve the adjustable backlight
- Improved boot into sleep problems
- Fixed a crash when playing software decoding problem.

2013-7-2 Board Released

- Based on Samsung's quad-core Cortex-A9, running at 1.5GHz, performance than single-core Cortex-A8
- 1GB DDR3 memory
- 4GB eMMC Speed ​​Flash
- Optional SD 7 inch (800x480) capacitive touch, or high-definition 7-inch (1280x800) capacitive touch
- Provide Android 4.2 BSP source code package
- Provide Linux-3.5.0 kernel source code package
- Provide bootloader4412, SD card for offline programming (u-boot will be available later in the source code, and Superboot-4412).

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