Configure the Board in the USB mode

Before connect your board to PC please follow the steps below:

  1. Flash the Superboot to an SD card with SD-Flasher(Creat the Boot SD card by SD-Flasher);
  2. copy the "images/FriendlyARM.ini" from the shipped DVD to the SD card's "images" directory;
  3. Open the "FriendlyARM.ini" file in the SD card and add one line "USB-mode = yes":
USB-mode = yes

Connect board to PC:

  1. Insert the SD card to the board and Switch S2 to SD Boot.
  2. Power on the board it will enter the USB mode. Connect your board to PC via a USB cable;
  3. If the USB connection is a success , the board will show "USB Mode: Connected" on its LCD;

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