Confirgure Ethernet

Connect your board to the internet, write down your gateway IP(the one in our example was and configure your router:  

# route add default gw  

Now you can visit an IP address on the internet e.g. you can ping (IP: 


If it is a success you will see the following output 

To ping through an outside website you also need to configure your DNS. You may get it from your network manager 

The one in our example was “”. Therefore we set our board as follows:  

#rm /etc/resolv.conf; This is to remove the existing configuration file. 
#touch /etc/resolv.conf; This is to generate a resolv.conf file 
#echo nameserver >> /etc/resolv.conf;

Set up the DNS configuration file resolv.conf with your DNS IP or you can edit it with vi. 

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