Compile and run Qtopia-4.8.5 for ARM

Note: please use our arm-linux-gcc and Fedora9 to compile. We offered a build-all script for users to easily compile QtE-4.8.5. Please enter the source code directory and type the following command:  

#cd /opt/FriendlyARM/mini2451/linux/arm-qte-4.8.5    

The mini2451 is for the mini2451 board, if you use others board, change the mini2451 to right folder.

The build process takes a while. And after it is done, please run the mktarget script and a target-qte-4.8.5-to-devboard.tgz and target-qte-4.8.5-to-hostpc.tgz will be generated.

The target-qte-4.8.5-to-devboard.tgz is for the arm board version. the target-qte-4.8.5-to-hostpc.tgz can be installed in the PC.

Install the Qte-4.8.5 on Board

The board have been install the Qte 4.8.5, if you want to install it that your built, Please follow the command below on the board: 

#rm -rf /usr/local/Trolltech/QtEmbedded-4.8.5-arm  
# tar xvzf  /sdcard/ target -qte-4.8.5-to -devboard.tgz  –C / 

Install the Qte-4.8.5 in PC

Only uncompress the target-qte-4.8.5-to-hostpc.tgz to PC.

# tar xvzf  target-qte-4.8.5-to-hostpc.tgz –C / 

Run the Qte-4.8.5 on board

Before running QtE-4.8.5, please stop the current running Qtopia-2.2.0. Go to “Settings” -> “Shutdown” and you will see the following screen. Click on “Terminate Server” to shut down Qtopia-2.2.0. 

Or you can shut it down: either by commenting out the qtopia option in the init script “/etc/init.d/rcS” and rebooting the system or commanding “kill all” to terminate related process (there are many options: you can even delete the whole “/opt”, shut down qtopia-2.2.0 and run “qt4”

# qt4 

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